Open your eyes to safety and caution this year during Diwali!

Diwali is one of the most beautiful festivals in the world with sparkling lights and spectacular firecrackers. It is a time of joy for all loved ones. Diwali is synonymous with bright fireworks, sparklers and spending time with your loved ones. However most people do not think of the accidents that could occur during the festivities, due to the fireworks and sparklers..
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Glaucoma – The silent thief of vision

In India, one out of every 50 patients has lost their eyesight due to glaucoma. One of every seven patients of glaucoma is totally blind before they reach the hospital for glaucoma treatment.
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Everything you want to know about cataract

Do you feel like you or any of your family members display any of the symptoms, like –

  • Poor night vision
  • A painless blurring of vision
  • Changes in the way you see colors
  • Difficulty seeing at night.
  • Difficulty in identifying faces from a distance

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