Sample testimonial

NIO helped us out in an emergency, when nobody else was available.

In the month of April 2017, I had a laser treatment for my retina in a clinic in MG Road and the clinic had prescribed an eye drop that I had to put in both my eyes for recovery.
The eye drops did not suit my eyes and I had become allergic to the eye drops in both eyes. My eyes turned very red and itchy. By April 16th 2017, Easter Sunday, in the evening both my eyes started to swell shut. My left eye was in a very bad shape and I was suffering from intense pain and needed immediate medical attention.
As it was a Sunday, no clinic was open and no doctors were available. When we contacted our family physician he guided us to NIO. When my family phoned the NIO, at about 7pm, they said that they are closed, but to bring patient anyway.
We went to the NIO in Shivaji Nagar where we were immediately attended by two doctors, who were like ANGELS in the situation. They thoroughly checked my eyes and phoned the consulting doctor, Dr Yogesh Chougule, and for the next half an hour constantly gave him information about my condition. Imagine on a Sunday evening, when everyone usually has a good time, Dr Yogesh Chougule showed a lot of patience and helped us a lot.
After the check-up the doctors prescribed some medicines and asked us to come the next day and meet Dr Yogesh Chougule and charged only Rs. 100. The next day we went to NIO and I was looked at by Dr Yogesh Chougule, who told us that I was allergic to the eye drops.
My vision was blurred and my eyes were swollen and I was in intense pain, but Dr Yogesh Chougule was very reassuring, calm and very patient with me and my family and answered all our questions. We were very happy and satisfied with the treatment by NIO. I was charged only Rs. 500 for a full month of visits for treatment.
NIO is the best and I will always be very grateful to the 2 doctors who first tended to me on a Sunday night and to Dr Yogesh Chougule who surely is one of the best I’ve ever visited. I am completely healed now, and will always remember them and wish them a blessed life.

Pune is lucky to have NIO, they are trustworthy and the best eye hospital I know

Puneites are lucky to have NIO, one of the best eye hospitals! I have actually lost track of how many friends and relatives have been here but it has always been a very pleasant experience not just in terms of medical treatment but otherwise in making the patient and relatives comfortable too…. Once you are here, be rest assured that you are in the best hands And it’s not just Dr Aditya Kelkar and Dr Jai Kelkar who are no doubt the best, but their team of doctors and other staff also strives to make sure that you don’t face any issues. Keep up the good work, best wishes for all future endeavors and Thank You