Vilas Digambar Ajgaonkar

When I turned 75, a severe eye ailment took a toll on my health. My vision started deteriorating. I visited the National Institute Of Ophthalmology on Ghole Road, as it is a well established and reputed eye hospital in Pune. The experts at NIO diagnosed the ailment as Neo Chondrial Vascularisation and prescribed a course of three injections in the eye. The process that followed was extremely tedious and I must have made at least 60 visits to NIO for the entire treatment. I had assumed that after 60 odd visits they would start looking at me as an unavoidable pest. But not once, I repeat, not once was I made to wait a minute longer than was absolutely necessary. The service, efficiency and the warmth of each one of NIO’s staff was extremely creditable. People my age normally go public to air their grievances. I wish to go public to thank all those at NIO who helped me during those challenging times.